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What's easyAccess ?

easyAccess, is an electronic access management system for building's/house's doors control.

What easyAccess does ?

easyAccess is a set of electronic devices which drives mainly electric doors trowel, using EA application software to manage the access system

What's easyAccess is made of ?

As for a door example, the electronic access system is composed of device's. Nix1 module + Minicentral controller + electronic key + probe + free application software.

Why using easyAccess ?

easyAccess system, user the best security systems technology (no RFID) to manage and control UNIT/doors. The system's price is very competitive

How to start easyAccess

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What's easyaccess WEB

This application software allows you to manage and control your access world trough Internet connection, wherever you are.

Where to find easyAccess WEB


What's easyAccess App

This application software allows you to program your electronic key's

Where to find easyAccess App

Download for MAC OSX - Download for Microsoft Windows

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